• Sustainability report

Ready-mix concrete

Kerkstoel Beton's ready-mix concrete comes with a BENOR certificate. This offers:

  • guaranteed pressure resistance
  • sustainability
  • product specificity

Opting for ready-mix concrete with the BENOR certificate offers you a whole host of further advantages:

  • First and foremost, on-site testing is no longer required, which means that the project manager can dedicate himself fully to the job in hand.
  • It also means that our ready-mix concrete always complies with strict Belgian and European standards (NBN EN 206-1).
  • Finally this is a guarantee that you can always count on optimum quality. Our ready-mix concrete is manufactured at our own modernised and monitored facilities. Because we are BENOR certified, our own qualified internal personnel carry out production checks themselves. In addition, an external organisation regularly checks our quality products for pressure strength, ease of processing, the water-cement ratio and the air content.

Perfect timing

Because we have our own concrete works, a large fleet of concrete mixer trucks and a rapid concrete pumping service we are able to perfectly time delivery of your ready-mix concrete. Everything is co-ordinated centrally.

How to handle fresh concrete safely?

Safety is our highest priority. For that reason we have developed a detailed safety brochure which we will be pleased to send on request.

Would you like to order ready-mix concrete?

  • Ring and order: 014 50 77 62 or 014 50 00 31.
  • We can also supply you with screed, stabilised sand, mortar and foamed concrete.