Masonry mortar

Fast, punctual and strong in all concrete requirements.

With our ready-to-use masonry mortar, you can get to work immediately. Our masonry mortar is discharged into mortar bins that are easy to move with a site crane. This allows the site to be supplied at various locations simultaneously. Because of their low weight, the mortar bins are easy to transport, even all the way up to the roof ridge. Deliveries are fast and punctual, saving you both time and money.

Durable construction is a real must. Each project, whether large or small, after all has to be able to withstand wind, weather and time. And that is only possible if you use high-quality masonry mortar. Kerkstoel Beton guarantees a consistent quality masonry mortar. Our products are regularly subjected to official laboratory tests. The processing time for our ready-to-use masonry mortar is on average 36 hours, due to the precise quantities of the various aggregates. This processing time can be shortened or extended in consultation with our head office.

And finally: our masonry mortar can be used even in winter. Our mortar remains smooth, elastic and usable and a consistent substance.

Would you like to order masonry mortar?

Masonry mortar can be ordered in quantities upwards of 200 litres.

Not sure exactly how much masonry mortar to order?

Feel free to contact one of our advisers for further information.