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Stabilised sand

Stabilised sand is a mixture of various types of sand to which an amount of cement and a minimum of water is added. Because of its many uses, stabilised sand is used a great deal in the construction industry, both for small and large projects, new-builds and renovations.

In contrast to concrete, stabilised sand is water-permeable. Stabilised sand is also known for its strength, processability and processing time (maximum 3 hours).


Most people are familiar with stabilised sand as a basis for floors and as bedding for drives and patios. This is a list of the various applications:

  • bedding for drives and patios
  • underfilling and infilling of pipes
  • as base for cover floors
  • leveller, for instance in the construction of roads.

Why opt for Kerkstoel stabilised sand?

Because you want certainty and quality. Since we have our own modern concrete works and a large fleet of concrete mixer trucks, we can always guarantee perfect timing and optimum service. Everything is co-ordinated centrally.

Kerkstoel stabilised sand is just one of our quality products. We can also supply you with screed, foamed concrete, ready-mix concrete and masonry mortar.

Our tip for the summer

When temperatures are heading for summer, you had better order a retarder. This prevents your stabilised sand from drying and setting prematurely.